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Renesent global marketplace connects buyers with suppliers and wholesalers to provide easy and secure transactions around the world with the fastest deliveries on the market. Upload all your inventory, and enhance your selling space.

 Never run out of stock, never wait for deliveries

Order items at a fraction of the cost, and at a touch of a button.
• instantly order from verified sellers and delivery to your retail shop same day
• Various transportation options, and reordering accumulated reward points
• Our global carriers network will receive delivery requirement instantly

Fastest lowest cost deliveries in the globe

Our warehousing and distribution centers are filled with various products from different industries with worldwide sellers and suppliers. What we do best is ready our on-demand independent carriers fleets on standby to comprehend any logistical and time sensitive requirements

Small business and big enterprise solutions that meets your needs

We offer same day a la carte booking scheduling as well as pre-planned solutions for big enterprise that provides transparent delivery and labor pricing model at fraction of the cost

You made too much of one product, or client cancelled last minute

Our plans offer self service buyer outreach directly on our platform or enhanced profile with a dedicated account manager that will help you sell your product while introducing potential buyers, generating prospects, as well as closing deals directly

Elevate your business to super supplier

With multi faceted locations of warehousing, drivers, fulfillment and distribution centers around the world it’s never being easier to scale your company with Renesent global logistics solutions. From receiving, repacking, shipping, same day delivery order fulfillment we push your brand to the top of the line bearing your competitors.

Renesent Services for buyers

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