Renesent is a customer acquisition tool for businesses seeking high quality leads or traffic to their websites. Consumers searching for products or services on the web are captured and passed onto businesses as Qualified Leads. Businesses manage their supply of Qualified Leads via a simple online interface accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.

Where do leads come from?

Consumers visit one of our websites directly or they come to one of our websites via channels such as Google, Bing or Facebook. A consumer becomes a Qualified Lead by completing a form on one of our websites.

How can we help?

Renesent.com can supply your business with a steady stream of real-time inquiries from consumers who match criteria set by you:

  • Industry sector
  • Service type
  • Specific product or project
  • Location

Access Qualified Leads for your business

  • https://www.renesentmarketplace.com/store/
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