A national on-demand warehousing and distribution center  enabling one and 2 day delivery for businesses of ANY size.

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Prro inspects and approves each of our warehouses to ensure they meet security and quality standards. Our warehouses are staffed with workers who are available to receive your inventory, palletize your goods, and perform custom services like kitting or overlabeling.

Services Prro Offers

  • Full pick line fulfillment operation
  • Retail distribution
  • Pallet in, pallet out
  • Oversized movie & theater props
  • High value item storage
  • Enclosed, secure storage space
  • Long-term storage
  • Short-term storage
  • Overflow & seasonal storage
  • Pick and pack
  • Centrally located to commercial and industrial district
Why Prro?

A lot of  warehousing companies perform poorly when you need them the most. Miss-shipments, invoicing errors, pricing issues, inventory shrinkage, so on and so on. Prro started Warehousing and Fulfillment with the idea in mind that we would be the only place to go to find hand-picked companies that get the job done right. There are so many fake lists out on the market – sites that claim to provide you with the best companies but are only really showing you a list of the ones paying them the most money. We guarantee to screen warehouses and make unbiased recommendations.



Speedy delivery, we're able to set up a warehouse space in California. It makes it so much easier if we have some products situated somewhere else that can get to our other clients in a faster manner.


It was so f*ing easy. With Prro we were able to really accelerate our growth, while still maintaining our high standards for fulfillment and customer satisfaction.


Prro has completely taken the entire burden of fulfillment off of our hands. Great service, lots of expertise and sharp pricing and it saves us hundreds if not thousands of hours a yea.

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