Got Junk?

Book same day removal on-demand or select our monthly discounted rates. We offer direct business services for various of industries from foreclosures, office clean-outs, property management, real-estate, restoration and renovation, ATM removals, commercial partners, as well as retail services such as merchandise removal, store removal, store closures, and nationwide rollout.

We make it Easy

We make it easier for you to handle your trash by daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly pickups and waist removal with bulk discounts. Using Renesent trucks and drivers will save you space without using dumpsters on your premises as well as faster cleaning. 

junk removal
NationWide cities

Our nationwide locations and thousands of drivers allow us to manage multiple locations at once. Our professional coordinators will arrange the best routes for your business!

Professionals on demand

Our drivers are verified, background checked using their new equipment and have the ability to accommodate your schedules including after business hours of operation, weekends, and holidays. 


Renesent Dumpster

  • same day service
  • After hours pick-ups
  • All-including rates
  • Insurance
  • Post jobs cleanups
  • No permits required
  • All drivers and trucks are insured
  • Some cities require permits for dumpsters

Our Flat Rates

Standard Truck Size: 12’ x 8’ x 4.5’ (16 yards)

Minimum $150


  • 1/8 load $215
  • 1/6 load $325
  • 1/4 load $395
  • 1/3 load $450
  • 3/8 load $495
  • 1/2 load $550
  • 5/8 load $595
  • 2/3 load $650
  • 3/4 load $695
  • 5/6 load $725
  • 7/8 load $750
  • Full load $785