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Showcase your services to a global network of suppliers, distributors, and verified contractors! If you’re missing an employee or have an influx of work, let Renesent help you complete your jobs on time and in budget.


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The Renesent marketplace allows service providers to complete jobs they would otherwise be unable to complete through a global network of verified contractors and distributors 

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Utilize A Gloabl Network

Renesent sells products and services for any industry while marketing companies on search engines around the world. You can use our global fulfillment (warehousing) solutions to keep unsold goods in our facilities. This method will allow you to focus on actual services that make you money.

Sell Service to Providers

You will be able to market yourself to the world’s top suppliers, enabling better sales and networking. You can also increase your visibility and reputation with premium search advertising. Finally, through Renesent you will be able to manage quotes and get recurring long-lasting business.

Service Portal Profile

A built-in portal that will help search engine visibility and support that will help you maximize performance among search results. Get in direct contact and book appointments with customers who want your services directly from the portal. Show customers exactly where your located with our maps.

Why Renesent?

Stop turning away business!  Don’t let a missing employee hurt your productivity! Renesent provides a platform for businesses to connect and sell goods that are left over or services that they cannot perform. By doing so, businesses will earn more revenue and never lose cash flow.


Signed up for a free account and customized my profile and uploaded our services quick and easy.

Kyle Hernandez

Made an account and added my services was very simple. You can chat with customers who are looking for your services which is pretty cool.

Nick Smith

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