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Through Renesent buyers can purchase and ship thousands of products right to the palm of their hand.

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Renesent is a Global Marketplace

When you create an account, you can trade supplied across industries. B2C Buyers looking to obtain bulk supplies will be able to get them anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently.


Buyers discovering new products
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Purchase Wholesale Product Fast

On Renesent, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for 50 toasters or 5,000 TVs. Our website will help you to find all the bulk supplies you need, quickly.

Target What You Desire

Easily keep an eye out for products you know your clients would love. This helps you save time in product sourcing and keeps you in trend with what your clients need and want.

A Simplified Dashboard

Use Renesent’s single page dashboard to buy, ship, and track distribution for your products. Save time, make fewer errors, and keep up to date on all projects.

Decision Making Tools

We offer tools to simplify your decision-making process and to streamline your purchases. Take a look at analytics so that you know where you’ve been and where you can go. 

Evalutions of goods


Compare products with specific keywords, pricing and reviews


Get access to companies with detailed info, locations, and featured products

Verified companies

Endorsed brands with pre-screened product inspection, and insurances

Conduct Business Securely


When you are looking to buy your products, you can review the product and brand in a clear and easy to follow format. This process allows you to organize your decision making faster and produce a higher quality product in your store. 


When looking to purchase the product, you can communicate with suppliers around the globe privately. Renesent’s platform allows for sourcing issues to be taken care of right at the source with fewer middlemen.


After talking directly to the seller of your product, you can pay Rensent through a secure portal. We will take care of the rest so that you don’t have to worry about the money or details. This allows you to focus on getting your product and selling it to your customers.

The process

Create a Profile

When you create a profile, you will give your web address to streamline your purchasing process.

Manage Alerts

Over time, your buying team and management will search for best-reviewed suppliers. Alerts of new products will go to your account so that they don’t miss anything important.

Buy Product

Through Renesent’s easy to use dashboard and platform, you will easily recognize and be able to compare products and suppliers. Through a simplified purchase process, save time and money.
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After purchase, you will be able to look at product performance. This will get you information on best selling products as well as sales data. You can get samples from suppliers for the top performing products and analyze and compare industry and products to refine further the product you buy and sell.




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Purchase & ship directly from suppliers

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